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Our blog features informative and historical posts about grammar. Want an article about the Oxford Comma Wars? We have one. Want to learn comma rules? We have that also.

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Teaching is difficult enough, and teaching grammar even more so. We try to find tools that can help you work more efficiently. If Drop me a line if you have suggestions for additional tools

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I’m Steve Ayers, founder of Grammar Mechanics. I started this site for people who don’t want to read the same explanations they’ve read a million times, but want practical, nuts and bolts advice.

Here at Grammar Mechanics we believe grammar is important but should be seen as a means to an end. We try to find a middle ground between those who believe grammar doesn’t need to be taught because students will pick it up naturally and those who think that without explicit instruction, students will never learn grammar.

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Writing blog posts, creating quizzes, and planning email tips takes a lot of time. Sometimes I need a coffee break. I try to keep annoying ads that pop up randomly, I ask for coffee and bagel donations instead.


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